Daniel Dotta



Daniel Dotta

Assistant Professor, Department of Systems and Energy

School of Electrical and Computer Engineering

State University of Campinas

Room 224, 400 Albert Einstein Avenue

Campinas, São Paulo, 13083-852


Phone: +55 (19) 3521-3726

E-mail: dotta@fee.unicamp.br





4 credits 
Tuesdays: 02:00-06:00 pm




Opportunities for Prospective Students

If you are interested in join my research group send me an e-mail with your CV and transcript of records. My main research line is related with: applications of phasor measurement data for power system operation and power grid operation with large renewable integration.



Research (Google Scholar)


PMU Simulink Simulator:


Thank you for your interest in the PMU Simulink Simulator. The PMU Simulink Simulator was design during my sabbatical in the Power System and Control Group at RPI (www.rpi.edu). You must be aware this is an academic project so errors and problems can show up during the simulator use. You probably will need to make changes by yourself to reach your research goals.


The Simulink file and an earlier version of IEEE paper can be download in the following link: PSS (Matlab version 2010). This earlier paper version presents a better description of Simulink Simulator than the paper published in IEEE (http://ieeexplore.ieee.org/stamp/stamp.jsp?arnumber=6777592).

UPDATE- April, 2016 – PSS updated to Matlab 2015 version. Thanks to Christoph Lackner from RPI!